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RCMS' Care Management Approach:

RCMS believes in client/member autonomy and we are dedicated to the concept of Family Centered Care Planning and Treatment. This concept appreciates that the client and family must be allowed to participate in developing a plan of care that they feel will benefit them. 

We focus on continuity of treatment and on-going assessment of the clients' needs for support services.  To this end, RCMS has modernized our care management process.  We have created, utilize, and trademarked the 5-V(V-Vs) Method of Care Management. 

The 5-V Method of Care Management (V-Vs) is: 

1.  Voice/View- The patient's ability to actively participate in all decisions regarding treatment and care. 

2.  Viability- Determining if care management services are appropriate for the patient at this time. 

3.  Vision- The ability and foresight to see beyond norms and develop treatment plans that are truly patient specific.

4.  Veracity- Aggressive management of care for short and long-term goals.

5.  Versatility- The ability to understand that a treatment plan is for a specific moment in time and MUST be modified as the patient's circumstances change.


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